When I was high above the clouds for the first time…

The first time I flew in an aeroplane was  in the year 2000. It was the beginning of the 21st century.  It was an enthralling experience when I was high above the clouds. I remember I was still a teenager. We had to attend a friend’s wedding in Delhi. Thus my father had booked Kolkata to Delhi Flights. I remember looking out of the window. I could see the clouds passing. We flew over houses that looked like pieces on a monopoly game. Everything was very tiny. The sight from the plane was simply marvelous. I was awed looking at the Earth from the sky. At that moment, I kept wondering. How beautiful God’s creation is!

Are you a plane virgin? Are you excited to Travel on your first flight? Here are few suggestions for you based on my first plane experience and the lessons I learned.

Prepare your paperwork

Paperwork is the crucial part of a plane journey. When I traveled by flight for the first time, I was so excited that I had started packing for the trip a month ago. Even though my father kept reminding me about the passport, a stubborn teenager that I was, I did not listen to him, and we had to go back home to get my passport. So folks, never make such mistakes. Make sure you have all the documents.


After you come inside the airport terminal, you will have to check in. Remember that you should check in only after your flight is open. We have to give our luggage and show our travel documents. We will be then given a boarding pass. We were all thrilled to get on the flight. I remember my little sister was carrying a huge teddy bear and the authorities did not let her bring it inside.


After you check in, you need to go to the departure lounge. Here we had the security check. The security officer had stamped my boarding pass. I was more excited that time. It was finally going to happen. I was boarding my first flight. I was traveling by Kolkata to Delhi flight.

Inside the flight

All the hectic part was over. We had only to check the seat number and take our seats. I was comfortably seated on a window seat. My sister and I fought over who gets the window seat. Now was the scariest part. We were going to take off, and I was getting nervous. I tried to look out of the window to suppress my fear. The air hostess was giving instructions, and I was deaf to them because I was scared. I had a really bad experience when the plane took off. So folks, do not make the same mistakes I made. Listen to the instructions. Stay calm. It is going to be great. Put your seat belt on and listen to some good music to avoid the noise. Chew gum to avoid nausea.


Since I had a bad experience during the takeoff, I had learned that I should not make the same mistake while landing. There will be a lot of sound and change in air pressure while landing too. So be prepared for it. The plane will then take you to the terminal. You can get out of the plane and claim your luggage. We had landed in Mumbai, and my father’s friends were waiting to receive us. We had a great time at the wedding as well as in the plane.

So that was my experience of flying for the first time. Ready for yours?

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