Best Beaches in Queensland

Best Beaches in Queensland

Queensland plays host to some amazing beaches. All around Australia there are wonderful beaches, but Queensland has some of the best. They are easily accessible as well thanks to a wide range of travel options. Domestic visitors will find train and bus routes that go anywhere you need. International visitors will benefit from frequent flights to Australia from destinations all over the world.

Here are some of the best beaches you can find in this magical state:

If you’re looking for a safe family beach that’s close to Brisbane then head towards Bribie Island, about an hour’s drive north of the city.

Bribie has lovely surf beaches on the ocean side as well as calm water beaches on the mainland side of the island and, although it’s a genuine pacific island, you can get there by car, just drive across the bridge.

Closer still is Coochiemudlo Island, just across the water from Victoria Point.

The ferry ride across to the island takes about ten minutes, you can walk around the entire island in less than an hour and the beaches are great for the littlies.

And, right in the heart of Brisbane at the Southbank Parklands, is Breaka Beach, a man-made lagoon complete with lifesavers and barbeques, great for a day out with the kids when the temperature starts to rise.

Of course, we mustn’t leave out the more famous of our Queensland beaches

On the Gold Coast there’s the world famous Surfers Paradise beach.

Actually, all 35 of the beaches on the 30km (19-mile) Gold Coast strip in south Queensland are worthy of inclusion here.

Everyone has sand so clean it squeaks when you walk on it, great surf, and fresh breezes, just ignore the tacky high-rise buildings.

If you head north from Brisbane you’ll come to the Sunshine Coast.

About an hour’s drive away, the Sunshine Coast comprises some fifty kilometres of the most wonderful beaches in Australia.

Everyone’s a pearl; if you really want to spend some time on some great Queensland beaches you must go there.

Four Mile Beach at Port Douglas in North Queensland is a place where the sea is turquoise, the sun is warm, the palms sway, and the low-rise hotels starting to line this Queensland beach can’t spoil the feeling that it is a million miles from anywhere.

But isn’t there always a serpent in paradise?

In this case the “serpents” are north Queensland’s seasonal, and potentially deadly, marine stingers.

Come from June through September to avoid them, or confine your swimming to the stinger net the rest of the year.

Mission Beach, also in Queensland, has brilliant blue water with islands dotting the horizon and white sand edged by vine forests.

This beach is a real winner with the bonus that hardly anyone comes here.

Cassowaries (giant emu like birds) hide in the rainforest, and the tiny town of Mision Beach makes itself invisible behind the leaves.

Again, visit from June through September to avoid marine stingers.

Whitehaven Beach is not a surf beach, but this 6km stretch of white silica sand on uninhabited Whitsunday Island is pristine and peaceful and extremely beautiful.

Of course not everyone will want to come to Queensland just to lie on a beach and get a great tan and with over 11,000 beaches around the nation you’ll find several to suit you wherever you are.

But, when you travel to Australia do come to Queensland, visit our wonderful Queensland beaches and most of all……..enjoy.

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